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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  December 12, 2015 1:35am-2:11am EST

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>> how could it feel this warm on december 11? better n ask qstions and just enjoy the warm winds of nino. that's what folks were doing i old cy tonight. this is st an appetizer for what's ahead we may set a record or two. friday night and the big ory is a rweekend in tri-state and unless you own a ski resort you're probably not complying. let's get to the big bod d meteorologist cecily tynan with the latest iormation fr accuweather. >> jim the east a ski resorts don't i this
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forecast. warm and will get warmer, high temperatures for pladelphia today, 61. that's 15 above ege however look at areas to southwest. memphis set a record high of 7 memphis set a record high of 77. that's 24 degrees above average and through the wkend, 'll be getting winds out ever the southwest. that will be pulling at very warm air is also going to be pulling in clouds. satellite 6 ang taction radar showing lo of clouds south west. i don't want to you expect a real bght and sunny weekend. we'll be dealing with clouds really through the weekend and even tcloud v and just a f peaks of sunshine temperatures likely will be breaking records. tomorrow forecasted hh 66. that will break the record of 6 that will break the record of 65 setback in 1931 and sunday even warmer, 68 degrees. old record 65 setback in 1923 and this is really great news forearmy navy game a if you head to lk to watch t m tomorrow the kickoff temperature 66 degrees and fourth
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quarter 61 and wis light out of the southwest a again more clouds than sunshine but warmer air mday followed by rain. >> thank you police stay wh as we enjoy warmth across the nation. you c find the latest from our am of meteorologistists and what's coming next. >> this is what is coming next in eave of mnavy 116 edition of sried vry. needless to say philadelphia is delighted to play host and "action news" reporter jeff chirico ilive outside the convention center headquarters for tonight's pregame festivities, good evening jeff. >> reporter: good eveningjim, a former gala just wrapped up in e nntion center other side of this b and there's also a boxing match going on inside there and throughout the city fans from across the city fans
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from across the country gaenled in e city getting pumped up for tomorrow getting pumped up for tomorrow's big match-up. >> spirits soared a so d the cheer liters as army-navy bands kinect off the lat the pnsylvania convention center. >> through bright stripes and bright stars snoet a rendition of t national anthem fe others come for sxwruingt e biggest football rivalry. >> but eiggest show. >> it gat. >> ilthe gala wept on inside army-navy fans were not hard to spot out and aut in sent ert city. >> evy time we come ve so much fun. and it's just a great time for all of us to get together and just revel ithe pageantry of the game sglum what do you think your aes are tomorrow think your chances are
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tomorrow. >> about zero. >> but we're here. >> near independence hall we found army fans fr oh squeezed in sight seeing fore their first army navy me tomorrow. >> this is one of the things we kind of a wanted to go to at some point and we finally got the chance to come out here. >> and we're out having a philly cheesesteak and drinking good beer and enjoying sights. had to come see the lerty bell. >> for a city that loves history there may be no bter host for this time honored tradition. >> 86 times the game played in philadelphia out of 116 tt tells you this is heart and soul of ay-navy game re in philadelphia. >> and if you wonder why philadelphia has played host to army-navy games so many times it's que sple. hoof way between the academies and. >> wear life, chapel 6abc news. >> it n be thank you jeff.
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espn game day will be broadcast espn game day will be broadcasting live from philadelphia before tomorrow's game the two our show begins 9:00 at stadium complex. >> other knees athis hour philadelphia policere investigating a crash involving a septa bus. it happened at 9:30 tonight at richmond and orplex streets in bridesburg and the step bus collided with two oer vehicles and four people suffered minor injuries. >> a idelphia fire department overrule was stunned this week to see elderly mother stick when alzheimer's sitting by herself on the frt porch of tir house and it was t suppose to be that way and propertied a mini investigation into exactly how it happened. >> "action news" reporter dann cuellar is at septa. dwhan is the story. >> the para tranit agency left his 2 years stick en alzheimer's on front porch and left her tre look a ups package. it's a snafu that could have
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resulted in tragedy. who is to blame is not enrely clear. >> we're not like a crate of oranges this say hun i. >> eived about a year now septa tonnect to aport her to and from u daycare. wednesday aer 5 her son joaquin of the philadelphia fire department was ohis to mean t bus sfoping h of >> i explained tt the front was in front of house and i said sorry about that i'm ve seven minutes away and i'll be right there. >> by the te he arrived the bhus was gone and found mother sitting on h front pour. >> she's shivering you know in the oay yg to stay apartment. so needless to say i was furious. they left her at a delivery package at the front steps to me tt's unacceptable. >> septa says it had no idea she was
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altz i'mers pnt. >> we had no indications t rider needed any special assistance when doing. >> it offers ctodial care. but you have to sign up for it. >> they have to complete the form and agree e tem of kvs and understand what those are. >> did you know about the paperwork. >> no, i deposit. >> he hips s mother up for corporation for the aging a we were unable to wch anywhere there. the proper forms would know they required sdial car >> you know what in that kind of situation there suld being empamy sim pojy wll wait five minutes. >> pta said it made requirements bause of widespread abuse a before changes they would average delays 90 minutes eight to ten times a month a logest was left by pair tear th a ir
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and for 6 hours 49 ne live at septa headquarters i'm dann cuellar "channel 6 action news." >> thank you dann. we're fwoling developing news out of north philadelphia. police say 15-aold boy was shot to death tonight ab found in the back of abandoned car th multiple lt rooms shortly aer 7long t 2400 block of park avenue. police say they were reviewing sure vaipence hoping to find out exactly what happened. the teenager was reported miss the teenager was reported missing from upper darby home wednesday. you c always lo f something else and started with a woman that wanted to kill dhir children. lynette mc square and cousin denise co set the fr to get the children out of the ouj. detective services placed fo kids in the custody of grand parents. during the blaze officials say coil grabbed the youngest and fled dolice caughtmer a
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mile wthe road. and mcguire and coil cld face up to 0 years behind bars in con vingted. >> and bucks county fire crews battled a hse fire tonight. chopper 6 was over the scene 8 chopper 6 was over the scene 8:30 in the 400 ock of diamond hilltown township. they had ntrolled der app hour and fortunately nobody was hurt. >> "action news" was in langhorne as members of the inter fth community came together. the d light ridge ill was held in here me field. >> in san bernardino call call drivers once again ah his delay and that emay have gone with us. >> they're looking for a missing hard drive that belong to shooters, ed farook and tashfeen mik. >> and in the mation for miss after call on ban f all muslims
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aording to the united states acrding to new so fol aer trump makes regards 5% of support from republicans and ben carson is second among republicans at 12% toss ted cruz and jeb bush tied 10% and the poll asks republicans it they u trump republicans it they found trump's remarks offensive. 29% said yes and 4 id no. >> hthreatens lve the republican pty. party insiders were disking kos party insiders were disking kosbility of a kosbility of a boy to pick gop nominee at the republican national convention in cleveland. it's first timearson has suggest the e possibility. the route is on the i of crude oil sanction tay for the lowt level since 1989 and 35 a battle an that put wl
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street underwater an dow lost 309 pot and capped skok market worst week since december. other economic news tonight wilmington based tonight may be mothering with dow cmical to find a couple worth 130 billion find a couple worth 130 billion. two companies brought the world two companies brought the world, broad ukt changing from sick log bags to ter ran rav to have testify w. dew dupont wou separate to three independent publicly tried companies. think would foe bng on science and material science and specialty. >> it will define the management strategy. long term it's probably wt needs to be done. >> the al u vve substantial j cuts. dupont says it u cup ol workforce %. dupont has 7,000 employees in dell deand the deal is expected to go through next year. >> stl to co on "action
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news." >> plus wre hearing from family of chicago teen amer shot and killed by a le officer. cecily. >> we had two yin a roy of temperatures in the 6. i'm tracking potential for fi more i'll have the details on record warmth in the accuweather forecast. >> and t eagles are getting ready for sunday's match-up with the buffalo bills when "action news" continues
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>> you can get any more grinch like than this. surveillance captured e moment a thief stole a christmas tree from outside a norm philadelphia business. he inhooked it from a ll outside edible fghts outside edible light cering outside edible delight catering. once it came loose t they've dragged it across dragged it astreet.
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this w wednesday night. the business owner lreplace the the tree. >> u.s. intelligence officials are out with new pential nraet isis tonight and they say the terrorist group demonstrate addbility to make phony passports. isn't tt a surprise. officials say some of the territory isis to over in syria had a building with blk passports in it and officials are concerned isis yave access buy graphical da d fingerprints for syrian students that could be used for phony identification. following attacks investigators found fake syrian pasorts on two rrists. >> tonight we're hearing from the family of chicago tnager killed by a police officers. he was st by ficer jason vandike charged with fit degree rr. is it not support the cop's claim mcdonald acted aggressively before shot.
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his great uncle tnked public from demanding justice inhe teenager'dth. >> when he saw you he greeted you with a hug and was a jokester. >> the jtice department launched federal civil rights investigation into the entire chicago police department. >> back in our area e is good news othe business front good news on the business front. a new bloomingdales outlet is now no pladelphia. officials cut the rbon this morning anyone senter city at the ops at liberty place. to celebrate the grand opening there a special sales this weekend. they join century 21 and nordstrom racin offering designer brands and sunt prices to serpts city shoppers. the farmers rt opened in wilmington wre the pathmark used to be and the store hired back man wrist worker that lost jobs when apathmark closed.
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on ethcheck" at 11 cardiologists are warning about holiday heart syndrome when people overindulge in holidays and eating and drinking more and sleeping less can le to excess train on the art. and when it leads to irregular heartbeat as cled holiday heart syndrome. doctors st can ab void staying away from foods hev gli cream and sugar and avoid drinking too much alcohol. >> children had the run of the room aa party in bucks count room at a party in bucks county. autism cares foundation goes to the event from more than 400 children, teenagers dawning dults with autism. it was a f snowman pho opportunity and vit from e mr. opportunity and visit from one mr. santa. >> let's get the latest information fr accuweather on what will be a record setting weekend. >> as right, look a spring
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like weather you have tte of it this weekend. hopefully santa claus packed light suit rhe weekend. stormtracker 6 double scan showing no rn falling right now great night for chopper 6 to do a little spying on some of the holiday decorations and this is from horsham township montgomery county and that tree is l l for the holiday and we need reminders because they steputside and it certainly doesn't feel like december. philadelphia 53. dproun high of 61. 15 above average and lngton above 0nd tnton 52 and mill above 0 and trenton 52 and millville dropped 46. and making sw in poconos. and currently 44. satellite 6 and action radar showing even though is rm this weekend is not going to be completely bright and n and go still over clouds and breaks in clos and across western pennsylvania and through the weekend more clouds
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and sshine few breaks n and then and tonight some of those cooler bhdz will drop down the temperature to the dew points and that means patchy dense fog developing overnight and 37 in suburbs and 45 for center city a 46 the average high this time of year and amazing numbers and through the weekend classic sup with the heat pump and high pressure o the eastern seaboard and records likely will fall not just here and across most of the mid-atlantic and south east and temperatures running 10 to 15 above average and that co front v through monday nights with showers but behind that front looks like we have unseasonably warm temperatures and kck the temperatures wn a tad and tomorrow near records and lots of clouds and high of philadelphia 66 and new rord. wilmington 65. allentown one degree shy of record high. 62 atlantic city and 64 in cape may
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and 63. and seasoned a couple degrees warmer. if you he to the loink for the gs ge you don'te a heavy jacket. high, thin clouds light winds kickoff temperature 65. by 4th quarter up t67 grees andot really had you feeling like football weather. so the exclusive accuweather 7-day rast, rord warmth tomorrow and high of 66. on nday we bump up to 68 and again more clouds and sshine and se peaks of sun monday clouds autopsy head a ld front and so spikes fl like may on monday high of 70 before around ofain and wdy and cooler a still mild for december on tuesday. 64 degrees. and temperatures g to step down wednesday sunny high of 6 down wednesday sunny, high of 62 n thursday clouds one me rain. 58 d friday here comes typical december weather it's cooler it's a bit ray,
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hh of 49. temperatures climbing through the weekend. and monday could hit 70 degrees you. >> know ' have coldest february in 150 years. >> i don't think so. we'llave a cold february but not as cold as last. >> philadelphia fifth police district hosted a party for dozens of children tonight it took place imanayunk part of the northern children's services after school program and santa claus ce bearing gifts a smiles showed kids were so ced. >> anthe oldest no pennsauken decked out for the holidays and tonight t public was invited to tour e05-year-old dover house but in 17 10nd added no national register of historic places in 1973 and even the busiest man ts time of year otime out to sn to usters wishes.
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>> "action news" anchor sharee williams core aid o of teenage girls to the sixers tonight. the girls are from philadelphia futures and a non profit organization that provides tools d rources for students who will
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be eirst their families to go to college their families to go to college. while enjoying the game the group talked about the importance of ecation and hard work. they were treated a special visit from basketball great world be free who along with rest of sixers mies must be dlaiingt delighted one brett brown will be round for a while brown will be round for a while. >> he's delight as well. brett brown love the city of philadelphia and they'll love him back if they can get it going here. brett brown has one of the worst winningest percentages in 2346789 ba history. post coaches would be fired for this. this is tost situations t sixers bieve bwn cld dot rebuild. brown and six areas agree on two acontract extension and been ithe works for weeks. brown won only 38 games i three seasons and it's obvious question. why does he want tstay because he believes they will be c tenders within just a few years. >> why wouldn't i want to see
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this through? we have started something extremely difficult b it's going to end up extremely special. >> sorry coach. nothing special about this dense detroit. down as man as 24 inhe fourth. jal he'll ofor looking to turn things around. they turn it over 1 times and get down 9 in third o okafor native marcus morris. bang. sixers lose 10 7, 95 they're 1 sixers lose 10 7, 95 they're 1-23. >> t flyers say things a starting to i. hey ty're lking o won five of 7oming into play and if there's one team to knock them ofthe ga it dallas stars. the be team in hockey. the flyers and dallas tonight trying to keep mojo going second period. on per play rookie got us there winding inspire inspiring his fifth ys up 1 live 0.
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that's it dlas injured two goals in the cd and michael no, ivert taking ba beg to back games. flyers lo 3-1 first road loss since before tnksgiving flyers off until tuesday. still to ce in os eagles must stop sdy mccoy and get demarco mray going. we'll >> important message for women and men ages 50 to 85. please write down this toll-free number now. right now, in areas like yours, people are receiving this free information kit for guaranteed acceptance life insurance with a rate lock through the colonial penn program. if you're on a fixed income or concerned about rising prices, learn about affordable
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>> lesean mccoy doesn't n to shake chip kelly'hd overshadowing the bigger picture for the eagles. they can still upper hand nfc east by end ipd of wk. nobody is running away with the division. eagles are ti rirst hd eagles are tied for first heading to sunday's came against buffalo bills. neither team can afford to throw away ather ga. >> i d't want to make -- wh that ty of attitude if i have a huge game we lose and -- i don't wanthat. main thing -- tnk that's the biggest ftor you could have. >> we would like eecord to be much better than it is now but given where ware in t season to be tied for the win in the division and to control our own destiny that's all you can ask for. >> and that's so ha to believehe way is ahas played. >> sam getting mean lking. >> y want that out of e quarterback. >> absolutely. >> finally tonight
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a burlington county holiday celebration sent ref letters back in time to 18 0 0 busy scene in westampton. the event recreated a simpler time carolers entertained and kids engaged in gt making and santa wish lists were sent via north pole mailbox. >> iy kimmel live" next on channel 6 followed by "nightline". "action news" continues at 5:0. n f cecily tynan, jeff skversky ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, have a od night and great weekend.
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